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ugh!!! this test sucks!

Dating StrengthsDating Weaknesses
1. Confidence - 88.9%
2. Appearance - 87.5%
3. Flirtiness - 87.5%
4. Sense of Humor - 85.7%
5. Independence - 57.1%
1. Vanity - 83.3%
2. Selfishness - 54.5%
3. Temper - 50%
4. Arrogance - 50%

Dating Strengths Explained
Confidence - You are sure of yourself and confident of your abilities. Displays of confidence go a long way when attracting a date.
Appearance - Despite what some will say, appearance matters in dating. You get high marks on appearance. Just make sure you balance it out with other qualities.
Flirtiness - Flirting is a good way to break the ice, and you are a pro at it. Being flirtatious will open up many dating opportunities.
Sense of Humor - Guys are attracted to people with a good sense of humor. Be sure to put yours on display!
Independence - Your strong sense of independence comes in handy while dating. You are not held back or tied down; you are free to pursue your interests.

Dating Weaknesses Explained
Vanity - Learn to put a lower priority on looks. Appearance is, of course, important, but vanity is undesireable. The only people you will attract are the superficial.
Selfishness - You think too much of yourself and your needs. You must learn to put your partner first and tend to his needs.
Temper - You need to work on controlling your temper. Don't let your anger get the best of you. A calm and rational persona is important when dating.
Arrogance - You are a bit full of yourself. You need to practice a little humility now and then, as arrogance can be a turn-off.

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So like, I went to check out this pet store the other day. I was totally not planning to get a dog, I just went to look you know? I mean, really, I was thinking, like, a DOG? No way...

And then I met the most ADORABLE PUPPY EVER.

Oh god, you guys have no idea. I-I mean -- just look at him! Isn't he the cutest thing EVER?! >3<

It was totally love at first sight. When he looked at me those big brown eyes I just MELTED! I knew right then that I just HAD to have him. He's so lovable and cuddly and WONDERFUL oh goodness look at him he is so cute.

I named him Michaelangelo ♥ I went and splurged on a bunch of cute things for him, like squeaky chew toys and a gorgeous collar and even some doggy sweaters for when it gets cold! There goes my paycheck~ Maybe one day if Ono-sensei isn't being a big old cranky cow I'll even bring him to school to show all my students!!


So, while I was complaining talking to my cousin the other day about how dreadful and lonely it is to live all by myself in this woefully empty apartment...

She suggested I GET A DOG.


What is WRONG with her? Couldn't she tell I was talking about needing a BOYFRIEND?!

Ugh. Easy for her to say. She's already married. What makes her think I want a dog? I want a boyfriend! A husband! Someone to love me unconditionally and keep me warm at night! What would I do with a dog?

Like that'd help make apartment feel less lonely. Hmph. Besides, dogs are smelly, stupid, and just make a mess right?. I don't have time for that!


w-what did you just say?, ohohoho~
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